Environmental Policy


JA Glover’s policy on environmental matters is based on the Company’s wish to ensure that all reasonable protection is afforded to the environment in which its activities are carried out and adheres to the standards and guidelines of ISO 14001: 2015 . We are now certified Net zero carbon through the Achilles carbon reduce programme.

General Policy

It is a primary and continuing policy of JA Glover to limit adverse effects on the physical environment in which its activities are carried out.

The Policy will be subject to review and revision as and when necessary and all employees will have changes brought to their notice as soon as practicable after they have been made.


The Company’s objectives in fulfilment of this Policy are:

  • To set standards which will at least meet the relevant local statutory requirements for environmental matters, as these may affect its’ own employees, contractors and the public at large.
  • To review and, where appropriate, develop these standards in the light of changes in technology, industry practices and trends in legislation and to sponsor research and development to improve the rationale for the setting of standards.
  • To co-operate with appropriate authorities and technical organisations on the formulation of standards and the means of compliance.
  • To operate within the standards set by the Company and by statutory Environmental regulations and to ensure the use of good working practice where standards are not available.
  • To ensure that the potential environmental factors are assessed for all new projects and activities.
  • To ensure that all employees are properly informed of their responsibilities for environmental matters and discharge them effectively, and are encouraged to participate in the protection of the environment.
  • To ensure that contractors working under the Company’s operational control are informed of its relevant standards, that similar information is given by such contractors to their sub-contractors, and the appropriate procedures exist for monitoring compliance without detracting from the legal responsibilities of the contractor.
  • To ensure that mechanisms are established and are used for consultation with employees on matters affecting environmental protection at work.
  • To ensure that these objectives are being fulfilled through the monitoring and auditing of the Company’s activities.
  • JA Glover’s strive for continual improvement in all areas of our work.


The Managing Director of the Company is responsible for discharging the Company’s Environmental Policy, and also for ensuring that there are adequate staff, materials and funds to meet its requirements.  He will regularly review the effectiveness of the Policy and of personnel under his control to whom responsibilities for various aspects of environmental matters have been assigned.

All levels of management are accountable for the implementation of this policy and for all aspects of environmental protection within their own areas of responsibility.  They are responsible for reporting on the effectiveness of the steps taken to achieve the objectives of this Policy.

Read the full environmental policy (pdf)

Richard J Legge

Managing Director 06.02.2024