Galvanised Plenum Box (Side Entry)


Galvanised Plenum Boxes with Side Entry – GR-SGGB

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Our side entry galvanised plenum boxes are used for supply and exhaust of air through grilles and diffusers. The galvanised plenum box ensures a continuous flow to the diffuser, and plenum boxes equipped with dampers create the possibility of adjusting the diffuser on an individual level. Our galvanised plenum boxes come in a variety of sizes viewable via the drop down menu.

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100mm width x 100mm height, 150mm width x 150mm height, 200mm width x 200mm height, 250mm width x 50mm height, 300mm width x 300mm height, 350mm width x 350mm height, 400mm width x 400mm height, 450mm width x 450mm height, 500mm width x 500mm height, 600mm width x 600mm height, mm width x mm height