Pressed Saddle



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A pressed saddle is used to branch off a main duct run and is used in applications where air flow rates are not critical (search for our curved boot for applications where air flow rates are required to meet specified measurements). Standard sizes range from 80mm diameter up to 315mm diameter.

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80mm Branch with 80mm Body, 100mm Branch with 100mm Body, 125mm Branch with 125mm Body, 150mm Branch with 150-160mm Body, 160mm Branch with 160mm Body, 180mm Branch with 180mm Body, 200mm Branch with 200mm Body, 200mm Branch with 224-250mm Body, 224mm Branch with 224-250mm Body, 250mm Branch with 250mm Body, 300mm Branch with 300-315mm Body, 315mm Branch with 315mm Body, mm Branch with mm Body