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To create a quote, simply find the products you’re looking for on our website and click “Add to Quote”.

Once you have added all the products to your quote, click “Quote” located at the top of the website and follow the instructions on screen to get your quote.

You can also request a quote by calling your nearest branch, Find the contact details of your local branch by clicking “Locations” at the top of the website.

Please note, when you click to “Proceed with Quote”, this is not a confirmation of an order, nor is any money taken online. Your order will be passed to your nearest branch.

If you have registered an account with J.A. Glover, you can view details of your quotes by signing in and clicking “Account” then clicking “Your Quotes” on the side menu. Here you will be able to view the date and times of previously submitted quotes, quote numbers, the status of each quote and you will also be able to request a call back by clicking the “Request a Call Back” link displayed on this page.